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George Wells

Elevates Effectivity

George Wells, a serial visionary and influencer, has initiated what others have labeled a movement in;

  • Sales Mindset

  • Service Methods

  • Financial Advice


George’s insights created great impact at the turn of the millennium after conjoining his process focus engineering with his life’s passion of elevating impact through empathic listening for multiplied effectivity.


George is a sought-after speaker for his unique methods to impact modern day sales and service.  The ‘off the cuff’ insights revealed in his favorite sport of real-life role-playing is always a crowd inspiration … Famously showing time and again … ‘It doesn’t have to be that way!!’


He is a perpetual ‘student of people’, top-selling author, podcaster, and is known for his ability to publicly and personally teach and transfer his rarified customer acquisition skills without having clients ever feel betrayed.  


His simple methods connect with some of the savviest and most practical. In addition, he has solved one of our modern dilemmas; connecting the vitality of millennials and the wisdom of their elders in purpose-driven effectivity.

George has been named to Dbusiness 40 under 40 list.​

Elevate Your Impact
 By George Wells

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(026) What is your Life’s Work?George Wells

He uncovers our best, encourages, and elevates our thinking to a new level.  This stuff is powerful!

~M. Green

Wow!  Wells is the Darren Hardy of Sales & Service

.... KRM, Florida

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Think Differently

By George Wells

Get the hard copy on Amazon or the audio version on Audible

Effectivity Insights—

In Think Differently, Wells covers insights for the ambitious financial professional.

Excerpts from the book
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